Our Philosophy

“Radiant skin” IS our philosophy. We want it and we know you want it. So we’re on a mission to find it. Together. Through thoughtful consultation and real goal-setting, we can help you achieve restored youthful radiance. Let us help you on your journey to beautiful skin. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Megan Burton

Licensed Esthetician



Fabulously passionate about the services she brings to you, Megan Burton offers a SPA experience unique from most. Why? After 21 years of experience with the finest training & ‘Highest of Class’, with the Proprietary Blend being her “Gift” of touch followed by an educated protocol, is where she separates herself in her specialty as a clinician. It is here that Megan doesn’t have any competition, which speaks volumes in an industry that is growing by a billion a month in the U.S alone. Megan Burton is “Intentional” with her approach to her profession. Her love for what she can bring to her clients brings her JOY and she strives to be more than just another clinician but to “Reign Amongst The BEST.” Well, she has arrived! Ask anyone who has had a treatment by her. After indulging in a “Full Body” experience, Megan’s focus is very individual and personal. Soon you will recognize that she could not be more passionate about her work and your results. In Megan’s words,

“My goal is to give you the most memorable, relaxing and effective experience you could ever have.”

Megan’s philosophy goes beyond the scope of being yet another clinician. She takes tremendous pride in helping clients understand that for them to have “their best skin,” it requires a commitment much like if you were working out with a personal trainer. How would you feel good about the initial investment if in between sessions you weren’t following a protocol of Cellular/Nutritional care and physical exercise? Megan wants you to understand the connection between great skin and FABULOUS skin and it is about the commitment to the protocol! Megan offers your skin “State of the Art” Technology so until you return to indulge in your next monthly treatment you are “loving the skin you’re in!” In this industry, there are few who love what they do. Megan loves nurturing and fostering a relationship with her clients that will be for a life time. She dedicates her heart to her family of three children and her amazing husband and is always sharing how much she loves her clients and never refers to what she does as work. Go treat yourself and understand why most of her clients are repeat business layered with referrals. Cheers to a fabulous you!


Alexis Bolan

Licensed Esthetician, Laser Technician



Alexis has been devoted to her Esthetics craft since 2013. With a passion for understanding the relationship between skin and mind/body wellness, Alexis displays thorough skin analysis & customized treatments, designed for immediate results, partnered with healthy skin longevity. Her gentle touch and eye for precision are provided in waxing services including expertly arched eyebrows. She has been educated primarily in Medical Esthetics and excels when it comes to skin treatments. Alexis has perfected her knowledge in the Hydrafacial as well as microneedling and Physician grade peels. She’s a Certified brow expert and also does the famous Lash Lifting technique by Elleebana. Her ability to learn as much as she can about every technique she uses is one of her greatest attributes. If you are needing to learn how to take better care of your skin this is your girl!


Norma Dixon

Licensed Esthetician



Norma has been a Licensed Cosmetologist since 1992.  She grew up and practiced Aesthetics in Gainesville, Florida before moving to the Kansas City area in 2007.  Her goals as a skin care provider are to build relationships with her her clients and help them correct short and long term issues or concerns along with constantly learning and trying new products.  She stays involved in continuing education so she can educate people on how to have healthy and happy skin!  Norma loves the aesthetic field, from customized facials to total skin rejuvenating with microneedling, peels and dermaplaning!


Michele Hodge

Licensed Esthetician, Laser Technician 


Michele Hodge is a licensed medical esthetician and received her training at Bio Cosmetique in Utah. She has been in the industry for 18 years. Michele started her career at Monarch Plastic surgery in 2002 and is excited to make a change to Radiant Skin and Beauty. With Michele’s years of experience, she can create a customized comprehensive plan that will leave you with healthy glowing skin. “I am passionate about my clients and their skincare needs. I’m so thankful I get to do what I love!.“ I like to build long term relationships with my clients, taking into consideration time and budget.” Michele is certified in lasers, trained in a variety of chemical peels, micro needling and facials. She is also knowledgeable on pharmaceutical grade products and make up. Michele works with all skin issues. Fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, hyper pigmentation, melasma, scar reduction, acne and acne scarring. Consultations are always complimentary. Come see Michele to get your skin back to it’s youthful look!


Emma Alexander

Licensed Esthetician



Emma Alexander is a Licensed Esthetician and has been for 4 years. She takes pride in helping patients look and feel their best. Emma stays up to date on the newest Medical Esthetic technologies and is always practicing continuing education. Some of her favorite treatments to offer are the Hydrafacial, Oxyglow, and Microneedling with Radio Frequency. Her priority is to educate, pamper, and help you achieve your best skin. Book a free consultation and say hello to your greatest skin yet! 


Lexi Miller

Licensed Esthetician



Racheal Robey

Licensed Esthetician




Khyati Kapur

Board Certified Physican Assistant,  Injector at KVK Aesthetics located inside Radiant Skin and Beauty
Founder of KVK Aesthetics



Khyati is a board-certified Physician Assistant and has been practicing medicine primarily in the emergency room setting for over 18 years. She has always had a profound love and passion for skin health and aesthetics and is excited to share her knowledge and skills with you! She spends a lot of her free time learning new and innovative techniques that will benefit her clients. Our priority will always be to work with our clients to achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe and proper way. Book your appointment with Khyati, master of delicacy!


Julia Hill

Licensed Esthetician



Julia graduated from Bellus Academy and is licensed by Kansas Board of Cosmetology to work as an Esthetician. She has received a certification in oncology esthetics and has special training in microneedling, medical grade chemical peels, hydrafacials, and oxygen infusion therapy. Julia specializes in waxing and medical treatments. She enjoys seeing the changes in people’s skin and restoring their confidence. Her daily goal is to bring about confidence, positivity and self love. Julia’s passion is to encourage everyone to take time for themselves and to bring out the inner beauty that has always been inside you.


Casey Hubele

Licensed Esthetician



My name is Casey Hubele, I have been an Esthetician for about 17 years. I love this industry helping people feel better about themselves on the outside and educating them how to care for themselves to feel better mentally, on the inside as well.  I love the medical side of Esthetic’s, I think the treatments are more effective and so many things to offer.  I think helping people feel better about themselves builds a self confidence, and the human touch is something we all need more of and are lacking in receiving. My goal is to make you look and feel like a new person, reducing stress in your life and making you feel so much better.


Sophie Schafter

Licensed Massage Therapist



Sophie began her journey as a healer while living in Colorado. She completed her licensure in Massage Therapy in 2018 and has completed additional training with the Upledger Institute, an internationally renowned organization for craniosacral therapy studies.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on method for releasing restrictions in the craniosacral system, which has been shown to improve the functioning of the nervous system. By facilitating the body’s natural and innate healing processes, CST is effective for helping people with a wide range of conditions.

“My approach to massage therapy is therapeutic and nurturing, using effective techniques with a gentle, yet firm touch. My approach incorporates subtle energy work and combined modalities to downregulate the nervous system. I believe the client should be able to completely let go during a massage therapy session. Comfort and safety is my first priority. I use a combination of strokes that promote circulation and myofascial release while working into deep tissue. Deep tissue work is slow and intentional, bringing circulation and heat to the tissues while melting into the muscle and releasing any myofacial restrictions in an unwinding fashion.”

Sophie is a certified yoga instructor. She has worked with clients to modify therapies for a variety of conditions, including Parkinson’s, MS and more. Sophie also enjoys volunteering her time with hospice and encourages routine self-care for healthcare workers.


Caryl Green

Massage Therapist



Caryl has been a Massage Therapist for 16 years and always makes sure she keeps up with the latest technique in massage. Over the years as he has worked with Chiropractors coordinating patient treatment plans maximizing the symbolic relationship between massage and chiropractic. One of Caryls most rewarding experiences was spent as a volunteer Hospice therapist. Touch is a powerful thing and very important in treatments. Caryl moved to Kansas over a year ago to be closer to her family. Schedule with her today and feel better for your future.